adventure elopement in scotland

There is nothing quite like running through fields at dusk down a mountain to stay warm with your loved one. Although it’s a brisk evening in Edinburgh, Kelan and Doireann are too focused on each other to notice the cool air on their skin. Caught up in the wonderful feelings of love and happiness, hiking through the rolling green hills of Scotland, the hours seem to pass as though they are only minutes. And that is exactly how you should feel on your elopement day: too caught up in the moment to realize the time going by around you. All that matters in that moment is you, your loved one, and the amazing experience you are sharing together. 

During my most recent trip to the United Kingdom, I met up with my friend Miranda Kate Creative from Colorado, and her friends Kelan and Doireann, who now live in Edinburgh, Scotland. They thought it would be fun to play dress up, so we styled an elopement shoot one chilly night in mid-October. This goes to show simply how FUN and STRESS-FREE your elopement day can be! It took Kelan and Doireann about an hour to get all dressed up, and then we headed to Arthur’s Seat for their portraits. 

A man in a Scottish kilt and a woman in a wedding dress kiss in front of a red rock formation.
Detail shot of a bride and groom during their elopement in Edinburgh. Both are wearing hiking boots. Man wears a kilt
A bride and groom hugging in front of a historical sculpture at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

finding the best elopement location

At this one location we were able to hike around and see the rolling green hills of Scotland, the city of Edinburgh from up high, and some cool historical structures along the way! If you want to find an elopement location that is easy to get to but also has lots of different scenery options, finding a large park or hiking area can be great options! Of course, it will depend on the region you are visiting, but there are plenty of options available where you don’t have to hike for miles and miles to obtain amazing views. It’s more about figuring out what’s important to you and your partner. Think about your senses; what do you want to see while you’re eloping? This will help you pick the perfect destination. 

Throughout our evening at Arthur’s Seat, we hiked up hills, cliff-sides, and finished the night by running down a field as these two adventurous souls were bubbling over with joy. I always love getting to photograph two people in love where they enjoy being together. These two actually shared their first kiss here, so it was even more meaningful to return and have photos done at the same location. From blue skies to blue hour, it was such a joyful experience getting to capture the love these two share for one another. 

A bride and groom hike up through the red rocks and green hills in Scotland
A bride and groom walk towards a big sculpture with the Edinburgh city in the distance
A man and woman kiss in wedding attire as they are seated with views of the rolling hills behind them
A landscape shot of the green rolling hills in Edinburgh at Arthur's Seat.
A bride and groom during their elopement in Scotland. The man wears a traditional kilt, both in hiking boots
A bride and groom hike along the rolling hills in Scotland during their elopement.
A wide landscape shot of the cliffside at Arthur's Seat where the bride and groom are on top of the rocks holding hands
The bride and groom run down the hill at dusk cheering and smiling.